Yuan He (In Chinese: 何源)

PhD Student

Department of Computer Science

University of Oxford

Hi! I am Yuan He, a PhD candidate in Computer Science, supervised by Professor Ian Horrocks and Professor Bernardo Cuenca Grau at the University of Oxford. My primary research interests lie in the area of neural-symbolic AI. In my PhD, I have been working on a range of ontology engineering tasks including ontology alignment, completion, and embeddings. I also have a NLP background mainly studying language models, and a general mathematical background. I am now interested in constructing geometric space for knowledge representation.

I am developing and maintaining a Python package, DeepOnto, which is associated with all my PhD works.

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{Oct 2020  - Present}

DPhil in Computer Science - University of Oxford - [Fully funded]

{Sep 2016 - Jul 2020}

BSc (Hons) AI and Maths - University of Edinburgh - [Ranked top]



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